Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A sheffield based seo company

One of my buddies here in Sheffield has set up a little web design and seo company called JMX... Im not been invited to be a part of it however as they do not like my unconventional way of designing stuff apparently which is rather annoying to say the least so I hope they dont succeed (only kidding). Anyway their jmx website looks quite good and I wish them all the luck in the world as they really are going to need it as I have been in the webdesign and seo game for quite sometime now and I can safely say that it is pretty much near impossible getting customers and ranking sites on google and the search engines now... thanks mainly to the huge monopolies created by huge internet giants that do not share the piece of internet pie to anyone. Seo has gotten really hard meaning any link can get any website which is relevantly small penalized and design is quite hard as well because you have to constantly churn out super creative and innovative designs just to pay the bills. I am actually questioning as to whether any small business makes any money on the internet at all.. people are really MORONIC supporting big cooperation's like google and other huge internet giants making it really really hard for small businesses on the internet. Well like I said I do wish my mate well in his endeavors I guess, though I am sure he will struggle and will soon give up...hope not though really hope he does well so he can give me some money!

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