Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sheffield a place ermmm that better than any other place!

I used to think of Sheffield as a place where design is nowhere to be seen. Sheffield a place that just has been simply put together randomly through time. Sheffield is based very much on the steel works and is very much a workers city.... very uninspiring and you can really notice the fact that everyone is everybody else slaves and sheep to society. I used to really hate  Sheffield but I guess it is the place that I am from and after a while you learn to appreciate it and realize it is a far better place than many other superficial and materialistic places such a soulless London or America.

I guess though that this city aint all that bad and I could be living in much worse places.

I guess being poor and living in Sheffield has taught me to appreciate things more and realize that you do not need material possessions to live a life and that the rich want you to sell your soul to the capitalist ideal in order for you to serve them.

I really dont know whether all of this makes sense or not I am just writing some random thought that I am having down at the moment.

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