Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Should I make my own seo comapny?

In my last post I posted how one of my mates was setting up his very own seo company... Well I thought just to wind him up that I should start my own... I have not decided upon a name yet but I was thinking I could make a bit of money...i have been skint for quite awhile now and it seems that design work is going nowhere at the moment thanks to people buying cheap graphics from abroad or people just simply using free theme's, I could set my own seo business up I know quite alot of things about search engine optimization... well it is quite simply really dont create websites for bots but people and dont spam that is all there is too it really.. and I have been looking at how much seo's can earn and whoa it can be a lot.. Hmm what do you think should I take the internet by storm or considering so many sites just get penalized for any old thing nowadays it really isnt worth the effort or time? It also takes a huge investment to buy lots of really good high pr domains as well... hmmm I could just ask my mate if i can join his but then I wouldn't be my own boss and would be controlled by him who is quite annoying at times.. hehe at least he doesn't read this secret mini blog I have here :)

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