Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Web design is such a drag

I gotta say that you can spend a lot of time trying to perfect a design in photoshop and afterwards you look back it and be like "that is awfull!", really I hate my own designs... some people say they are good but to me they never are. My designs always are missing something and I dont even know wha half the time. The clients I get at my sheffiled web design company always are like wow they are super and I am like really? I am glad my clients ar eless picky with my designs than I am other wise I would never ever get paid. Sometimes I will spend a whole day creating a design and then hate it the next day and start it from scratch. To me web design is a art and thus I am always trying to create meaning with it but that is the tricky part and the part that probabaly means I am never happy with my design is that I can never quite get it how I imagine it to be and the meaning I want it to depict in my head.

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